1. Introduction

1.1  This app is provided by SundhedsDanmark IVS, Moseskrænten 27, DK-4323 Lille Skensved, business reg. no. 39404095.

1.2  In addition to its name, SundhedsDanmark IVS is referred to as ”we” or ”our” in these Terms. In addition to “Wavers app”, the Wavers app is referred to as ”app” or ”the app”.

1.3  By using SundhedsDanmark’s app, Wavers app, or by clicking on a field stating that you accept these terms (”Terms”), you have accepted the terms of use of the Wavers app. If you cannot accept the terms of use, you are not entitled to use the Wavers app. Acceptance of these Terms includes, but is not limited to, your use of the Wavers app as well as receipt of data, material and information related to the use of the app.

1.4  If you have any questions, please contact SundhedsDanmark by email: kontakt@sundhedsdanmark.dk

2. Services offered

2.1  The Wavers app is an app allowing persons to exchange feelings in the form of questions and answers.

2.2  By being there for each other, Wavers wants to offer in a non-importunate manner the users the possibility to send sustainable and joy-bringing products to their Wavers.

2.3  One of the cornerstones of the Wavers app is to ask ”How are you?”. The users may reply by using four different emojis symbolising the user’s mood. There is access to statistics allowing you to see whether a user has gone from ”happy” to ”sad” or vice versa. The app offers a direct call to another user. It is thus necessary that information about your phone number, first name(s) and surname is provided. Moreover, it is necessary to enter your phone number and/or email address, first name(s) and surname to create an account and to subsequently log on. All personal data will be processed in compliance with our Privacy Policy which is accepted as the same time as these Terms.

2.4 Another cornerstone in Wavers is the B2B-platform, characterized by its blue color, which is used by companies and organizations to help strengthen employees’ wellbeing. The concept of the platform is to spot and avert employee discontentment in order to foster a healthier and more sustainable work environment at workplaces.

3. Obligations when using the Wavers app

3.1  All information, material, functions and other content contained in the app are protected by copyright and belong to SundhedsDanmark. All trademarks and features belong to SundhedsDanmark. We are entitled at any time, without giving any reason, to suspend your access to the app, to change the app or to delete content or functions in the app.

3.2  By accepting our Terms, you simultaneously accept not to copy, distribute or decompile the content of the app. You simultaneously accept to refrain from using the app in any other manner than as integrated in the app or as required for using the app, including but not limited to reverse engineering, prevention of the operation of the app and data mining.

3.3  The app is based on a Google Cloud solution. By using the app in any manner and by accepting these Terms, the user has accepted Google Cloud Terms of Service available via the link: https://cloud.google.com/terms/.

4. Creation and use of an account

4.1  To participate and use the app, you must create a Wavers account. It is a condition for creating an account that these Terms are accepted.

4.2  We reserve the right to suspend, without notice, your access to use the app or parts thereof. In case of any breach of these Terms on your part, we will be entitled to exclude you from the Wavers app without notice.

4.3  As a user of the app, you are entitled to delete your account at any time. The information provided upon creation of the account is subject to our Privacy Policy.

5. Licence for using the app

5.1  Upon your acceptance of these Terms we grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicenceable, revocable and non-transferable licence to use the app.

5.2  In case of breach of these Terms, we are entitled to suspend your use of the app immediately and without notice.

6. Payment

6.1  In general, downloading and using Wavers app is free of charge. However, it is possible to subscribe to our B2B-platform aimed at companies and organizations which features more functions than the free version.

6.2  These terms also apply to the use of our B2B-platform used by companies and organizations. Prices, subscription term and termination are provided in the app.

6.3  Any changes to the terms of payment will be notified in the app.

7. Use of references in marketing

7.1  Upon acceptance of these Terms, we have been allowed to use non-private users’ names in marketing the app. If a company does not want to be mentioned in our marketing of the app, this must be explicitly communicated to SundhedsDanmark IVS.

8. Liability and indemnification

8.1  As a user of the app you are responsible for keeping secret user name(s), password(s) and account as well as all your activities when using the app.

8.2  It is pointed out that if you transfer your SIM card belonging to your phone number to third party, you must delete your account before such transfer, as third party will otherwise get full access to your Wavers account. It is your responsibility that your Wavers account is deleted before transfer to third party.

8.3  We make no warranties or representations as to the reliability, right, quality, suitability or availably of the app, neither of the services or any services or products to which access if provided by use of the app. Thus, SundhedsDanmark IVS disclaims any liability for any loss suffered by the user as a result of the operation of the app.

8.4  We do not accept any responsibility for the correctness, topicality or completeness of the information provided by the app.

8.5  We disclaim any liability for loss or damage resulting from the app not being available.

8.6  We disclaim any liability for loss or damage resulting from information received from third parties and/or from operational problems with third parties required for the app.

8.7  The app may contain hyperlinks to third party websites. This shall not be regarded as a recommendation of such third party websites. We disclaim any liability for loss or damage caused by the information, content or use of third party websites.

8.8  We disclaim any liability for loss or damage resulting from third party products which may be ordered through the app, or for third party’s delivery of such products.

8.9  As a user of the app you accept to indemnify and exonerate SundhedsDanmark IVS from any loss and/or liability resulting from your use of the app, including but not limited to any breach of these Terms or infringement of these Terms.

9. Governing law and venue

9.1  Any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Terms shall be settled pursuant to Danish law.

9.2  All disputes, except disputes with consumers, shall be brought before the court in Roskilde.

10. Changes to these Terms and commencement

10.1  These Terms may be changed by SundhedsDanmark IVS at any time and without any notice. If material changes are made, you will as a user be informed thereof. In case of material changes, you will as a user have to accept the new terms.

10.2  A material change of these Terms will only appear from the Wavers app.

10.3  These Terms apply from 9 September 2019 and onwards.