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Complete the local psychological and social work environment efforts

Wavers is developed in close collaberation with employers, employees, and psychologists. The main purpose of the app is to offer companies a concrete and practice-oriented digital solution that promotes constructive dialogues, increases the individual employee’s wellbeing, and improves the working environment. We have achieved all this in one user-friendly app.

A dynamic and flexible platform

Wavers completes your existing efforts to create a healthy work environment by building trust in the organization “bottom-up” and making real-time data accessible for everyone.

Build mutual trust

Through the unique Reach Out-feature, trust between colleagues and employee satisfaction are built.

Tackle challenges proactively

Gain insight into potential problems and react proactively through the Wavers’ real-time satisfaction measurement.

Give everyone 100% influence

Wavers’ unique bottom-up approach provides everyone with the opportunity to cultivate a healthy work environment.

A team culture based on trust and support

Through Wavers, a healthy psychological and social working environment becomes a shared thing we give to one another.

Build wellbeing collectively

With the integrated anonymization technology, everyone can contribute to the team’s wellbeing through open-minded remarks.

Optimize your teamwork

Every team member is able to ask questions that are customized to the individual team’s current work situation.

Prevent stress

Avoid stress with constructive dialogues through Wavers’ responsive features.

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