Why Wavers?

Wavers’ objective is to offer our users a user-friendly, easily accessible and practical tool which can support an everyday dialogue, in order to increase the well-being of the individual, and the community, and strengthen and promote socially and mentally healthy environments.    

By using the Wavers app, good well-being and a strong sense of community become something we give to each other. Wavers facilitates and supports the opportunity to build healthy social relations, and promotes a culture focusing on community, founded on trust and security. All users of the Wavers app can completely anonymously ask and answer questions regarding both their own and the general well-being in their community, and they can also reach out to each other in confidence, should the need arise.

Build mutual trust

Build mutual trust and strengthen well-being through the app’s unique Reach Out function.

Tackle challenges proactively

Gain insight into potential problems and react proactively through Wavers’ real-time satisfaction measurements.

Give everyone 100% influence

Wavers’ unique bottom-up approach provides everyone with equal opportunity to speak and be heard.

Promote well-being together

With the build-in anonymization in the app, everyone can to support the general well-being, by being able to speak without prejudice.

Strengthen the sense of community

Everyone can ask questions that are customized to, and focused on, a community’s specific situation.

Prevent offenses and ill-being

Prevent offenses and ill-being by promoting constant - and preventive - dialogue.

The Wavers app is an innovative everyday tool which is both dynamic and flexible, and it can be used to actively (and proactively) prevent ill-being and social isolation, by employing a bottom-up approach in which the individual and well-being are the main focus. Wavers strengthens the sense of community in general, by facilitating an open and consequence free communication between individuals and the community in general.