We do not share your personal data, your questions and answers, or any other data with a third party.

Account deletion

When your account is deleted, all personal data is anonymized. After the deletion, the account is included anonymously in the estimation of response rates and statistics.


A team is independent of other teams. No data is shared between teams which means questions and answers is only shown in your team.


Everyone can see the same in the app. There is no “administrator” who can see your answers. 

Reach out

When the reach out-feature is used, the receiver is able to see the identity behind the sender. Only when the receiver accepts the reach out, the receiver’s identity is revealed to the sender.


Wavers uses Google Cloud Platform to store and manipulate data as well as a range of other functionalities. Data is stored multiregional in Belgium and the Netherlands respectively.

Security between app and server

When data is sent via the internet between app and server, it is done with standard Transport Layer Security (HTTPS).

Database security

We use Google Cloud Firestore as database. An enquiry or update must match a range of rules that ensure your data cannot be accessed unauthorized.

Data minimization

Wavers demands minimal data from the user. The only necessary data is a phone number and a name. Other information is optional.