Wavers doesn’t share your private information, your questions (Waves), your answer to questions (Waves), nor any other personal data, with a third party.

Deleting an account

When your Wavers account is deleted, all data relating to your person is 100% anonymized. Hereafter, your account will only be used anonymously e.g. as part of calculations of answer percentages, and other statistics - i.e. without your name, phone number, or any other personal information. 


Every Wavers team is independent of other teams in the app. As a result, data is not shared between different teams across the app, which means that all questions (Waves) and answers shared in your team is only visible in your team, by you and your team members.


All Wavers users have equal access to all content in the app. As a result, there is not a “administrator”, or other supervisor, who can e.g. see specifically what questions (Waves) you have asked, nor what answers to questions (Waves) you have given. The same applies to your team members. All questions (Waves) and answers can be seen by everyone, and are always 100% anonymous. 


Reach Out

Only the recipient of a Reach Out can see who sent the Reach Out. It is only when the recipient accepts the Reach Out (and waves their anonymity themselves), that the sender can see who the recipient of their Reach Out is.


Wavers uses Google Cloud Platform to store and manipulate data, along with a number of other functionalities. All data is stored “multi regionally”, in Belgium and the Netherlands (eur3).

Security between app and server

Data is transmitted over the internet between app and server via standard Transport Layer Security (HTTPS).

Database security

Wavers uses Google Cloud Firestore as our database. A request or an update needs to match a series of rules, ensuring that your data is not accessible by unauthorized personnel. 

Data minimization

Wavers only require a minimum of data from the user. The only things necessary to use the app is a cellphone number or an email address and a name. All other information is strictly voluntary, and shared at the discretion of the user.