Who are we?

We help companies build winning teams for the future

The idea behind Wavers came into existence in 2019 when partners Karsten Kjær and Jan Jonasen met with the burning desire to develop a user-friendly and simple technological solution equipped with the ability to effectively improve companies’ challenges with health and wellbeing.

The dream was to create a user-friendly “x-ray equipment”, reflected in a digital platform, to sufficiently screen the organization’s psychological and social working environment, and thereby facilitate a solution that pinpoints employees who need support. In addition, this support should be made a collective responsibility shared by the employees and management. Based on this starting point, Wavers was eventually born, reaching its first test release in May 2020.

Our vision og mission

Vision: We want to be the leading digital platform in the work of future-proofing companies’ competitiveness.

Mission: We help the individual employee, the team, and the company to create a safe, healthy and productive working environment.

We believe that prevention and dialogue can make a significant difference for the individual’s joy of life, the employees’ social wellbeing, the team’s collective productivity as well as the company’s earning power and reputation.

We work within the scope of UNs Sustainable Development Goals 3.4 and 8.8 that aim to promote health and wellbeing as well as focusing on the individual employee’s right to a healthy psychological working environment.

The team

Karsten Kjær, Founder & CEO
Area of responsibility: Partnerships | Communications | Sales
Reason for being part of Wavers: In more than 20 years, I have had different management positions. As chief executive I have experienced a financial crisis and now a corona crisis which has only just begun. Through all these years, I have always tried as a leader to help when employees experienced difficulties both privately and at work.
The dream with Wavers: My dream is to create a work culture based on care and wellbeing as well as improving the communities within every workplace, so that everyone shares the same opportunity to be part of a healthy working environment.
Contact: kk@sundhedsdanmark.dk

Jan Oksfeldt Jonasen, Co-founder & Software Engineer
Area of responsibility: Technical development and support
Reason for being part of Wavers: I have in the last 14 years worked with digital health platforms and realized that a flexible platform, which employees could use to improve the teamwork, was missing. Thus, I wish to promote a healthy work life for everyone and secure a high level of wellbeing through the development of user-friendly software solutions.
The dream with Wavers: My dream is to create user-friendly technological solutions that improve the wellbeing in every workplace.
Contact: jj@sundhedsdanmark.dk

Bonnie V. R. Doktor, Lead Scientist Research & Development
Area of responsibility: HRD | Process Consultant | Research
Reason for being part of Wavers: I have wide experience within the field of industrial psychology. In the past 12 years, I have worked with various tasks concerning Human Resource Development. In addition, my main competence is social research in which I have worked with projects on both a national level and EU-level. My passion is to support company cultures and create new impact solutions that improve the psychological working environment as well as establishing practice-oriented impact evaluations and documentation.
The dream with Wavers: My dream is to create and develop sustainable and evidence-based win-win-win solutions for the future job market.
Contact: bd@sundhedsdanmark.dk

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