About us


We help to increase and strengthen the well-being of the individual and the community in general, and facilitate a mentally healthy culture

The seeds for Wavers were sown in the beginning of 2019, where CEO Karsten Kjær and his partner Jan Jonasen met with the strong (and passionate) desire to develop a user-friendly and easily accessible technological solution that can support and increase the general well-being in the different environments we take part in throughout our lives, in the simplest, most effective manner possible.

Their dream was to create a practical and flexible app which can take the “temperature” of both the individual and general well-being, and sense of community, in a given environment – and 100% anonymoysly facilitate and mobilize help for those who might need it. But, unlike other (already available) tools and initiatives to strengthen the individual and general well-being, the Wavers’ app is built on the innovative idea that this help should be a shared responsibility for the members of a given community – that is, the individual is not only responsible for their own well-being, but also that of the members of their community.

The Wavers’ app was created with this mission/vision, and went live with its first pilot project in May 2020.


Vision: Our vision is to strengthen the mental well-being of us all – for life.

Mission: Our mission is to contribute to a more mentally healthy society. We are doing so by offering an innovative digital platform which creates stronger community ties and offers – confidential – help to those who need it.

At Wavers, we believe that prevention and dialogue can make a substantial, crucial and positive difference for each of our individual outlook on life, and for the overall community’s social well-being in general.


Wavers operate within the framework of four of the UN World Goals:

World Goal 3.4, which promotes good health and well-being.

World Goal 4.7, which strives for all students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to promote sustainable development and growth.

World Goal 4.a, which strives for all educational institutions to be built and upgraded to take the interests, disabilities, and gender of the individual child, into account, and thereby create a safe, non-violent, inclusive, and effective learning environment for all.

World Goal 5.B, which strives to promote women’s rights and opportunities, through the use of information and communication technologies.

World Goal 8.8, which focuses on the individual employee’s right to a mentally healthy work environment.


Karsten Kjær

Founder and CEO

Areas of expertise:
Partnerships | Communication | Distribution

Reason for being part of Wavers:
During the last 20+ years, I have had several different top management positions. I experienced the financial crisis in the 2000s, and now the corona crisis in 2020. Throughout the years, I have, as an executive, always tried to offer help if my employees experienced difficulties or hardship, be it work related or personal. In my private life, I’m married to Tonie, whom I have five children with. Through my childrens’ childhood, I have had close connections to different institutions, schools and sports clubs, and I’ve seen the challenges my own and other children go through. This has given me rich insight into the challenges children and teenagers go through, when it comes to thriving and their well-being.

My vision for Wavers:
In regards to Wavers, my dream is to create a culture that is intently focused on care and mental well-being, and to develop a tool that will help strengthen the different communities we are part of, in order to give everyone better (and equal) opportunity to be part of a mentally healthy environment, through all walks of life.

Jan Oksfeldt Jonasen

Co-founder and Software Engineer

Areas of expertise:
Technical Development and Support | Computer Specialist

Reason for being part of Wavers:
During the last 14 years, I have worked with several digital health platforms, and I quickly came to realize the need for a flexible and easily accessible platform or tool that employees can use to improve the teamwork in their working environment. The same is sadly true for schools, social activities, and clubs, too. As a result, I have made it my mission to develop a user-friendly software solution – the Wavers’ app – that can help to promote healthy school-lives and work-lives for everyone, and secure a high level of well-being in general.

My vision for Wavers:
To create user-friendly technological solutions which can improve the overall well-being in all of the different environments we are part of, throughout our lives.

Heidi Nielsen

Health and Development Consultant

Areas of expertise:
Developmental Consultant | Academic Advisor | Projects and Partnerships

Reason for being part of Wavers:
I have a Cand.san. in Health Promotions, Health Strategies and Health Psychology, and have a great interest in mental well-being in general. My vision is to be able to contribute to efforts and initiatives that will strengthen the mental well-being of the general population. I am particularly passionate about developing early initiatives which promote well-being, community, and positive educational environments for younger students. This is why I’m taking part in the development of the Wavers’ app for schools and educational institutes; I can use my knowledge of, and practical experience with, Health Psychology and Health Pedagogy, to further Wavers’ ability to promote early initiatives and strengthen the students’ mental well-being.

My vision for Wavers:
My dream is to be part of the development of a digital tool that can strengthen mental well-being and create a ‘look out for each other’ culture. A digital tool that helps break the negative school-life balance development, and can reduce the number of students who experience loneliness, stress and pressure to perform.


If you have any questions about the Wavers’ team, Wavers as a company, the Wavers app, or something else entirely, you can find our contact information here.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. And remember - Good well-being is a shared responsibility!