Wavers is aimed at teams in all types of companies, institutions and organizations that want to achieve improved well-being and avoid mental health issues. This blog post is an introduction on how to get started with the app.

When you first start Wavers, you need to choose your language and watch a brief introduction. You can also watch our explanatory video right here: https://youtu.be/oWQUWJ4fHsU

Sign up

Subsequently, you need to create an account. We recommend that you use your real name.

Your account follows your phone number, thus if you change phone, you can just download the Wavers app again, and when you log on everything will look the same. 

When you press “CREATE ACCOUNT”, you will after a moment receive an SMS with a code, which must be entered on the next page.

Now you can choose a profile picture, we recommend a good-looking photo as it gives other members of the team a sense of security if they communicate directly with you.

Welcome to Wavers

Now one of two things can happen:
If you are already invited to a team, then the team will be displayed and you do not need to read any further. – Congratulations and enjoy.

Most people who will initiate Wavers to make the world’s best teams will be greeted by the offer to create a team. Tap “Create Team” to create your first team.




Create team

All it takes is a name for the team. We suggest that you use a name that those you intend to invite can easily recognize.

If you press the small arrow>, you can add more information about your team, but it is not necessary. All this information incl. the name can be changed later.

When you press “Next” we create your team, after which you can proceed to add members.


Add team members

Members are added with the + button at the bottom. You can add up to 100 members to a team. You can possibly start by inviting 3-4 people that you can try Wavers with.

Once you have decided who you want to include in your team, exit by clicking “Add” at the bottom left. If you do not already have a Wavers account invited, we encourage you to create one.

If they have not done so yet, then we will send them an SMS stating that you have invited them to a team.

Finally, you will receive a receipt for setting up the team and adding members.

Edit team

You are now ready and will be introduced to the “Send Wave” page. Just get loose, nothing can be done “wrong”, send some waves away, get a feel for how Wavers behaves.

You can follow whether those you invited now also come on. If you basically select “Team”, then you will see the current members, under the “Waiting” tab you can see the phone number of those you just need to remind to join your team. Enjoy!

Improved well-being and healthy employees start with people like you taking the initiative to start with Wavers.