A great working environment is a shared thing we give to each other

Through Wavers you are provided with a unique digital platform that completes your efforts to create a healthy work environment.

100% anonymity

Through Wavers, you and your colleagues can regularly and with complete anonymity express your opinions and answer questions on challenges that you are faced with at your workplace.

Dynamic and customized to your team

Tired of yearly and generic job satisfaction surveys? At Wavers we believe in a dynamic and customized solution that reflects your team’s current work situation.

Proactive effort

Take part in a shared responsibility for your own and your colleagues’ wellbeing. Through our unique reach out-feature, we've made it possible to act swiftly and help colleagues in need proactively.

Build a winning team

"A winning team improves teamwork through a collective responsibility of the team members’ wellbeing in an open-minded forum."

Wavers encourages trust and support in your team

With the app, every team member at the workplace has an open and available tool that helps build a healthy employee culture.

Together we create a stronger work environment

With Wavers, your company is provided with a dynamic and flexible tool, improving your working environment significantly.


We are supported by our everyday heroes.

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Because mental health is a shared responsibility

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