Am I 100% anonymous in the app?

Yes, you are always anonymous in the app by default. The only time your anonymity can be waved is when sending or receiving a Reach Out – and it is always your own choice whether or not to wave your anonymity.

How can I help others through the app, when they are anonymous?

The app asks you in each individual case if you want to cancel your anonymity, and only if you yourself choose to cancel your anonymity, you can help others who want help.

Why is anonymity important in the app?

The anonymity in the app is essential, as it allows you to be completely honest when sending or answering a Wave. Furthermore, the anonymity also ensures that you don’t have to fear that someone else will be able to see what you ask about in the app, or what you respond to Waves.

Do some users have access to more content in the app?

No. Everyone has access to the same content in the app – no one can access more content than others.

Can management access data?

Yes. Management (and others) can access data in the app. In the app, you can allow a third party (such as management) insight into the general well-being of the team. This third party can access the same data as the team itself, and this data is always 100% anonymous. No one can tell who sent specific Waves, nor who answered what to a Wave.


Basically, you have access to your own data. This data contains statistics on all the things you do in the app. No one else has access to your data! In addition, you have access to your team’s data. In the same way as your data, you can see the team’s total data in a wide range of areas. This data enables you to know where the team needs to put extra effort, where the team needs to pay special attention, where the team can do better, but also shows where the team is doing really well. The team’s data is the key to working purposefully and constructively with the app as a daily tool.

Why does everyone have equal access to the team’s aggregate data?

The app is built around a bottom-up method. Therefore, the app must provide equal access to everything in the app, including the team’s total data. Because without making the team’s data visible, the app’s peer-to-peer interventions cannot come into play. It is i.a. here that Wavers differs from anything else on the market.

Who has access to data about me in the app?

Only YOU have access to your data. No one else can see these!

How sure can I be that my data is not shared with others?

Only you can share your data if, for example, you give others access to your profile or let others access the app from your smartphone. Otherwise you can be 100% sure that your data will not be shared with others!

What happens to my profile when I delete it?

If you delete your profile, it’s gone forever. All your data is anonymized and will only remain in the team’s aggregate statistics. It is not possible to re-establish a deleted profile.

I have no problems, so why should I use the app?

Even if you have no problems, others, with problems, may need you. Do not necessarily use Wavers for your own sake, but also for the sake of the team and those who want your help.

I have some personal issues, can the app help me?

The app can not directly help you. The app is a tool and acts as a facilitator and facilitator. In the app, there are real people from your team who can help you. In addition, the app collaborates with organizations that will be happy to help you. Of course, it is completely anonymous and free to get help from the professionals in the organizations.

Our team is doing really well together, so why use the app?

The app helps prevent dissatisfaction and mental problems. In addition, the app can take the temperature of the team’s mood and attitude in relation to all conceivable topics. You decide how you use the app. A good togetherness and a healthy community is not something that can be taken for granted, we must constantly work to maintain both togetherness and community.

Our team has a number of issues, can the app help us?

The app can help you. But you yourself must be willing to help. The app is based on people helping each other – peer-to-peer interventions. Where the app is unique in terms of being able to help otherwise, is the way in which everyone in your team can anonymously send Waves (questions) to everyone in the team. The Waves that are sent out in your teams can be based on the specific issues that you are struggling with. In this way, you find the problems, and with the help of the app’s Reach Out, the right help can be addressed.

Can the app spot dissatisfaction and mental problems in our team?

It may sound a bit wild that the “app” should be able to spot dissatisfaction and mental problems in you. Nevertheless, it is possible, but depends, at all times, on the individual team member being honest and open as well as acknowledging having problems. When this condition is present, the right help is initiated via the app’s Reach Out function. Now it is not the case that you have to expose your vulnerability to the team in order for the app to spot dissatisfaction and mental health – in addition, a secure personal anonymity is embedded in the app.

Give me three good reasons why we should use the app!

1) You strengthen unity and community through the app’s initiative for a take care of each other culture.
2) You help each other in an extremely discreet but effective way. And gain deeper insight into and can influence the culture more positively than otherwise.
3) You solve small problems before they grow bigger, both on a team basis and on an individual basis.

What is a Wave?

A Wave is a question that can be sent and answered to each other in a community – in the community team, in the Wavers app – 100% anonymously. This Wave can either be pre-designed by Wavers, or personally designed by one of the team members. When a Wave is sent to the team in the app, the team members can subsequently answer it.These answers consist of a selected smiley, and possibly a personal comment.When 50% or more of the members of a team have answered a Wave, everyone can team members see an overview of the answers.
Press the “Select from a category” or “Create your own” button in the app, on the team front page, to create a new Wave.



How do I send a Wave?

On the front of the app (select “Waves” at the bottom of the app) you can choose between “Select from category” or “Create your own”.
If you press “Select from category” you will be greeted with a number of categories, from which you choose the one that best suits your desire. Then you can choose from a variety of Waves. To select a Wave, press it, then press “Send”.
If you press “Create your own” you can design a Wave yourself and then press “Send”. Note: If the team has one or more Moderators, this must first approve your Wave. You are still 100% anonymous to the Moderator who does not know who sent your Wave.

What research and evidence is behind Waves in the app?

Based on the WHO and the National Board of Health’s definition of mental health, the app takes into account both the individual’s mental well-being and his or her social relationships with others. The main focus of the app is to boost the feeling of being part of a given community / the general community, reduce dissatisfaction, and provide all the best conditions to be able to handle everyday challenges and stress. The categories and questions are based on validated scientific research and theory, and are designed with inspiration from the well-known well-being indexes WHO-5 and WEMWBS, and on the basis of scientific health-promoting theories.

Who can send a Wave?

Everyone on the team, both Members and Moderators can send a Wave, completely anonymously.

Can I send all the Waves I want?

You, and everyone else on the team, can send unlimited Waves. There is no limit to how many or how often you and other team members send Waves. You can individually, from team to team, agree on how many Waves you send out on a daily basis.

Can I choose who I send a Wave to?

You can choose which team, if you are a member of several teams in the app, you send a Wave to. But you can not choose who in the team you send a Wave to, you want to send a Wave to all members of a team at any time. If you could choose who you send a Wave to, it would affect the degree of anonymity in the app.


In the app there are lots of good research-based Waves you can use. All these Waves are divided into categories so you can find them more easily.

Can I formulate my Waves myself?

In the app, you have the opportunity to formulate Waves yourself. These Waves will, on an equal footing with Waves in the categories, be included in your team’s overall statistics / Insights. If you have one or more Moderators in your team, the Wave you have formulated must first be accepted by one of the Moderators. The moderator must ensure that your Wave cannot offend others in the team.

Can I schedule the broadcast of Waves?

Only the Moderator in a team has access to plan Waves in the future. There is a built-in calendar module in the app, which makes it possible to make an annual wheel of Waves.

Can my team see that it is me who has sent a Wave?

No, no one on the team can see who sent a Wave. It is 100% anonymous.

Are there rules for what you can write in a Wave?

Basically, you can write anything you want in a Wave. You are only limited by the number of strokes. However, it is good style not to offend others, be personal, or use the app in a discriminatory context. If your team has a Moderator, it is his job to assess the ethics of the issue.

Can a Wave be rejected?

A Wave can only be rejected by a Moderator if your team has one. A Wave will typically be rejected if it may have a personal injury nature or is otherwise ethically incorrect.



Do I have to answer my own Wave?

It is always optional if you want to answer your own Wave. But as a starting point, you should always answer your own Wave, otherwise you are not included in the team statistics and can not get help if you need it.

Can my team see that it is me who has answered a Wave?

Neither your team nor anyone else on this Earth can see that you have answered a Wave. The only team and you can see for yourself is how many in the team have answered a Wave.

How do I answer a Wave?

When you receive a Wave, you can reply to it immediately. This is done by opening your Wave and choosing to respond with one of four emojis. You choose the emoji that best expresses your emotion. You can always supplement your answer with a comment. Everyone on the team will be able to see your answer and any associated comment. But they will not be able to see that it is your answer.

Can I not answer a Wave?

Yes, you can easily fail to answer a Wave. It is entirely up to you whether you want to answer a Wave. You just do not want to be included in the statistics on the individual Wave.

How much time I have to answer a Wave?

A Wave must be answered within 48 hours. When the 48 hours have passed, no more answers can be given.

Can I respond neutrally to a Wave?

No, there is no way to answer a Wave with a neutral emoji. It is a well-considered opt-out in the app.

What do I do if I want to comment on my answer?

When you reply to a Wave with an emoji, you can attach an anonymous comment to the emoji at any time. You write the comment the same place you choose an emoji.

Can I see what others have responded to a Wave?

Yes, you can see all the answers that come on a Wave. The only thing you can not see is who answered what.

Can I continuously follow the team’s responses of a Wave?

Yes, as soon as 50% of the team or at least 5 people have answered, you and others in the team can follow the development of answers on a Wave.

How do I get started with the app?

1. Download the app on Google Play or the App Store
2. Create your profile
3. Create your first team
4. Invite others to your team
5. Now everyone on the team can send Waves, do Reach Out and everything else in the app – enjoy.

Do I need to provide my credit card information to use the app?

No, you can start using the free version of the app at any time, which does not require credit card information or other information.

Where can I download the app?

You can download the app on Google Play and in the App Store. You will find links to this on the website.

How do I create a profile?

You create a profile in the app by entering your name and phone number or email.

Does it cost anything to download the app?

The prices for using Wavers will appear on the website at all times. You can always use the free version of Wavers, it costs 0, -.

Can I use the app once I have created a profile?

Once your profile is created, you can start using the app. If others have invited you to join a team, you will already be able to see this team in the app that you have automatically joined. You can also create a team yourself and start inviting others to join.

How do I get others to use the app with me?

In the app you can invite others to your team. This is done by sending them a message from the app. However, you should always inform those you invite to your team that you have created a team to which they are invited. If they do not already have the app, then they need to download it.

Where can I learn more about using the app?

On the website you can learn more about using the app and how the app works. You can advantageously watch the animation video about the app.

What do I need a team for?

A team consists of people who are part of a community. The app can only be used if you are part of a team. The app is built around teams, and will not work without you being part of a team.

How do I create a team?

To create a team, tap the small icon (two horizontal bars with an arrow in the middle) at the top left of the app. Tap “Create team” and then follow the instructions in the app.

How do I define a team?

A team is defined by the people with whom you somehow form a kind of community. It could be that you study together, work together, go to sports together, work together on a time-limited project, etc. All the situations in life where you and others are part of a community can be defined as a team in the app.

Can I create multiple teams?

You can create an unlimited number of teams, both of the free and paid versions.

How many can I invite to a team?

It depends on the team you have created. For the free version of a team you can invite up to 15 people, if you use the paid version of a team you can invite an unlimited number of people in the team.

How do I invite others to a team?

In the app, you have the opportunity to invite others via their email or mobile phone number.

Can everyone in a team invite others to the team?

If your team has one or more Moderators, then only the Moderators can invite others to join the team. If, on the other hand, you do not have Moderators in your team, everyone in the team can invite others to the team.

How do I remove others from the team?

In the app you can manage who is part of the team. If you have one or more Moderators in the team, they can only remove members from the team. If, on the other hand, you have no Moderators, all the more members of the team can.

Can I remove myself from a team?

You can remove yourself from a team at any time.

Can I delete a team?

A team can only be deleted when the last member of the team chooses to delete it. For security reasons, this is because you can never recover a deleted team and you lose all the team’s data.

How do I tell the difference between the teams I create?

When you create a team, you will be asked to name it. If you join multiple teams, they will have different names.

Can I create different categories of teams?

Yes, Wavers has several categories to choose from when creating a team. You must choose the category that best suits the team you want to create. Are you e.g. students, select In the category “Education”, are you colleagues, select In the category “Work”.

What is the difference between the categories of teams?

The app is divided into categories, each of which is targeted at a specific area, for example, “Education” is aimed at students and “Work” is aimed at colleagues. The difference lies primarily in the Waves that are created. which differs from category to category.

Can I change the category of a team later?

No, once you have selected a category for your team, it cannot be changed. If you want another category, you must create a new team under the desired category.

What is a Reach Out?

A Reach Out is a digital handshake that a member of a team in the Wavers app can offer to other members of the same team. You send a Reach Out when one or more members of the team show dissatisfaction (by answering a Wave in the negative). can make a Reach Out by tapping an emoji in a Wave’s reply list (this can be found in the Reach Out menu in the app) or via the app’s front page “Waves” (this can be found on the team’s front page, under answered Waves, when 50% or at least five people of the team members have answered it.) Through this you can send a Reach Out to all members of the team who have answered a Wave with this particular emoji. (You can not only reach out to one member, as everyone must be guaranteed equal offers of help.)
The responses to a Wave are 100% anonymous, so the member making a Reach Out cannot see who they are reaching out to until the member who has received their Reach Out accepts the help and cancels his own anonymity. The member who makes a Reach Out, on the other hand, cancels his own anonymity by sending a Reach Out, and accepts that those they reach out to can see their identity. This facilitates that members who have received a Reach Out have the opportunity to consider whether the person from whom they have received a Reach Out is best equipped to assist / support them.

What is the purpose of Reach Out?

The purpose of a Reach Out is to address the right help to the people who need it. The person or persons who have received a Reach Out can choose which of them they want help from. One can best compare this process with a kind of match making, where the app helps to find the optimal solution, for the person who wants help.

How does a Reach Out work in the app?

A Reach Out is a digital handshake in the app. A process that promotes a care-for-each-other culture, where people become better at offering help and at the same time they become better at accepting help from others. The process is more unusual than what we are used to in everyday life and which often does not solve all problems. In the app, it is not the dissatisfied person who has to ask others for help, but rather others who offer their help to the dissatisfied person, which makes it easier to get help in a timely manner.



How do I send a Reach Out?

You can send a Reach Out from two different places in the app. The one place you send a Reach Out from is from the front page of the app “Waves”. Here you click on an answered Wave, after which you see a bar graph which shows how many in the team have answered or. red, orange, yellow and green emoji. By tapping a bar, you get the option to send a Wave. Another option is to select “Reavh Out” in the app’s bottom navigation and press this, then you can choose from all the team’s Wave through time and send a Reach Out to your team members.

Can everyone send Reach Outs to each other?

Yes, anyone can send Reach Out to each other.

Can I decide for myself who I send a Reach Out to?

No, you do not know who you are sending a Reach Out to. The only thing you can choose is which of the four answered emojis you want to direct your Reach Out towards, ie. the people who responded with the color emoji you send a Reach Out to.

Who receives my Reach Out?

Your Reach Out is sent to the people who have answered the same color emoji that you choose to direct your Reach Out towards. If three people in your team have answered red emoji to a Wave and you direct your Reach Out towards red emoji, then all three people will receive your Reach Out.

Is it bad if I do not send a Reach Out?

It’s entirely up to you whether you feel the surplus to send a Reach Out and help others in your team. If you are not feeling well yourself, or feel unable to help in relation to a Wave that has been answered in your team, then it is better that you do not send a Reach Out, rather than not being able to provide good help to the person who may need it.

Can others see that I sent a Reach Out?

Only the people who receive your Reach Out can see that it is you who sent it. No one else can see it.

When to send a Reach Out?

You should send a Reach Out when you realize that someone may need help or a confidential talk. You should only send a Reach Out if you want and have the surplus to help others.

Is there any risk in sending a Reach Out?

There is no risk in sending a Reach Out – there is actually a greater risk in not sending a Reach Out, because then those who need it can not get help or a confidential talk. However, you do not choose which people you send a Reach Out to and must therefore be ready to help anyone in your team. If, after having a chat with a person in your team who has accepted your Reach Out, you feel that you can not help or handle the problem that the person has shared with you, you can get help in the app’s “Help” from professional organizations. Neither you who need help nor the one who needs help, must at no time be left alone with a problem that can not be solved.

How long is my Reach Out active with the recipients?

Basically, your Reach Out has no expiration date. If you have first sent a Reach Out on the basis of a Wave, you and the person who received your Reach Out can always talk about the problem.

How do I get notified that someone has received my Reach Out?

If you have sent a Reach Out, and a person receives it, you will receive a notification on your smartphone as well as a red marking in the app’s “Reach Out” in the menu.

Can I see who has received my Reach Out?

Yes, as soon as a person receives your Reach Out, you can see in the app who the person is and immediately start a dialogue.

Can the app automatically send Reach Out?

Yes, but it does require a Moderator role. If you have it, the app always sends Reach Out to the people who answer red and orange emoji.

What do I do if someone accepts my Reach Out?

Once someone has received your Reach Out, immediately start a dialogue with the person and agree to meet or talk together. Do not wait! A quick action works best and will be the reason to solve the problems before they grow bigger.

Can I undo if I sent a Reach Out?

No, a Reach Out cannot be undone. If you have first offered your help, it is on the throne.

Can I get professional help via the app for my Reach Out?

Yes, in the app menu “Help” there is always help to get from professional organizations. The help is both for you when you yourself have a problem or when you help others with a problem. No one who uses the app should be left alone with a problem.



How do I receive a Reach Out?

When you receive a Reach Out from one or more people, you can select the person or people you want help from or a confidential talk with by pressing “Accept”. This is done from the app’s Reach Out “menu where you press” To me “. Here is an overview of the Reach Outs you have received.

Can I reject a Reach Out?

Yes. Of course, you should only have help and talk confidentially with those with whom you feel most comfortable. When you receive a Reach Out, you can either choose to accept it or reject it.

Will others be disappointed if I do not accept their Reach Out?

No one can see who you are when the others send a Reach Out to you. When you reject a Reach Out, no one knows who you are, you are 100% anonymous until you choose to accept a Reach Out.

What do I do if I receive a Reach Out?

If you have received one or more Reach Outs, you must decide for whom you want to receive help from. You can choose to accept or reject a Reach Out. As soon as you have accepted a Reach Out, the person who sent it will soon contact you for. that you find time and place to talk together.

Can I receive Reach Out from more?

Yes, you can easily receive Reach Out from multiple at the same time and based on the same Wave. It gives you a unique opportunity to choose which of the people who have sent a Reach Out you want to talk to.

Who should I choose to receive a Reach Out from?

It is solely yourself who can and must decide who you receive a Reach Out from. You need to feel confident in your choice of the person (s) you choose.

What do I do if I do not want help from those who have sent a Reach Out?

If you do not want help from someone, press “Reject” in the Reach Out you received from that person.

Can others see who I choose to receive a Reach Out from?

No, only the person whose Reach Out you accept can see your identity. No one else can see who you or the person who is to help you is.

What should I do when I have received a Reach Out?

If you have received a Reach Out, the person who sent it to you will contact you. So all you have to do is wait to hear something from the person and prepare for the talk you will have together.

How do I access Insight?

You always have access to your personal insight in the app’s menu “Insight”. If you and your team want insight into the entire team, you need to upgrade to Wavers PRO.


In Insight you can follow your own activity in the app. You can follow your own development over time in terms of your well-being, your answers, your ability to send and answer Waves, your ability to send and receive Reach Outs, and much else.

If you and your team use Wavers PRO, you have access to all the same information for the entire team. You will be able to follow the development in your team and i.a. see if you do where you do really well and where you have to put in and do it better.

Who has access to Insight?

Everyone has access to Personal Insight. Only those who have Wavers PRO have access to Team Insight.

Can I share Insights with others, outside the team?

You can not share information in Personal Insight with others and no one else has access to it. If you and your team use Wavers PRO, you can share Team Insight with others, for example with the management, HR or a third party. You share Team Insight in the app under the “Insight” menu.

Who, outside the team, can benefit from access to Insight?

It can, for example, be your management or people / departments that work in a structured way with your social and psychological environment.

How do I use information in Insight constructively?

You can both on a personal level or you can at team level work constructively and purposefully with the information in Insight. You can set your own goals for how you should feel in a number of areas, and let the app measure the results on an ongoing basis.

What is the role of a Moderator?

A Moderator has the task of motivating your team to use the app. The moderator or the person in your team who ensures that people are invited to the team and that team members who are no longer to be part of your team are removed. Another role that the Moderator has is to ensure that Waves, which you as team members create yourself, are approved before they are sent out to the team, so as to understand that no inappropriate or offensive Waves are sent out to the team.

Why have a Moderator at all?

A Moderator can be a really good solution for your team. And most importantly, a Moderator is your team’s guarantee that Reach Out is always sent to orange and red emoji, respectively. This happens automatically when you have the Moderator role.
If you want there to be one or more Moderators who must ensure that the team is always composed of the right members, and ensure that Waves that you create yourself are written in an ethically sound tone. In addition, a Moderator can help motivate the team to use the app.

Who can become a Moderator?

Everyone can become a Moderator of a team. It is entirely up to your team how you choose to appoint one or more Moderators of the team.

How do I become a Moderator?

Basically, the person who creates a team is assigned the role of Moderator. Only one Moderator can assign the role of Moderator to another person. You can be several Moderators in a team.

I am Moderator, how do I remove this role?

Under “Team” you can change your role from Moderator to Member. As long as you are a Moderator, you can also change the role of others from Moderator to Member.

Do you need a special knowledge or background to be a Moderator?

No, not necessarily. One must want to help others, keep track of team members, motivate the team to use the app and approve the team’s created Waves.

Can one train to become a good Moderator?

In the long run, yes. A certified education is being prepared as Wavers Moderator, which is expected to be offered in 2022 by VUC Storstrøm. The education is a competence boost and will cover a wide range of the Moderator’s role.

Can you get help using the app?

On Wave’s website, there will be access to videos that help you and your team get started using the app. If you use Wavers PRO, you have access to the Wavers support center.

Can you get help to strengthen the unity of the team?

You can get help to strengthen the unity by contacting professionals. If you use Wavers PRO, you can give these professionals access to your team’s aggregate data, and thus give the professional the opportunity to work constructively to strengthen your teams’ unity.


You can get help for well-being and mental health by contacting professionals. If you use Wavers PRO, you can give these professionals access to your team’s aggregate data, thus giving the professional the opportunity to work constructively to strengthen your teams’ well-being and mental health.

Can you get help if you have personal or social problems?

In the app’s menu “Help” you can at any time access our partners who provide free and anonymous advice to you who either have problems or to you who help someone else with problems.

Can you create Help in the app yourself, if you e.g. have a psychologist attached?

Yes, it does require access to Wavers PRO. If you have this access, your team can create all kinds of help in the app.

Why is there a free version of the app?

The app is built around a botttom-up method. With this method, we want to ensure that all people with access to the Internet and a smartphone can use the Wavers free version to improve well-being and mental health wherever they are. Wavers is “Born SDG” and was developed based on the UN’s world goals.

What is the benefit of paying for “Wavers PRO”

The advantage of Wavers PRO is that you can be as many as you want in a team, and that you as a team can use the app more structured together with the data the app provides. You can have a Moderator in the team who can strengthen the work with the app in your team. You can create add your desired dedicated help in the app (for example, a psychologist). In addition, you can schedule periods, even year-round, with Wavers sent out automatically.

Why can you only pay annually for Wavers PRO?

The price for a team is so low that we can not justify to our you or ourselves to let the payment fall for example monthly. It provides more administration for both you and us, and will thus increase the price.

Why do we pay per team and not per person using the app?

The app is team-based, the payment is much easier for us to handle when it is settled per team. It is also easier for you to be settled per team, otherwise the price must be adjusted on an ongoing basis if you get a new team member or lose one.

Can we get a discount on the payment?

No. The price is set so low that we have nothing to give.

Why does the app cost the same if you are 10 or 10,000 people in a team?

We have calculated our prices based on the fact that an average team that uses the app consists of 25 members. If you want to be 10,000 in a team – then we have included this in our calculations.

Why does the app cost the same in all countries?

The app is set in the world to help everyone. And in order to make price and terms as simple and transparent as possible, we have chosen to run a globally uniform strategy on price and terms (the latter, however, taking into account applicable local law).

How do we pay for Wavers PRO?

On the Wavers.io website you can pay for the app.

Which of the UN’s World Goals does the app support?

We work within the framework of four of the UN’s World Goals:




World Goal 3.4, which strives to prevent and promote health and well-being. World Goal 4.7, which strives for all students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to promote sustainable development. World Goal 4.a, which strives for all educational institutions to be built and upgraded to take into account the interests, disabilities and gender of the individual child, thereby creating a safe, non-violent, inclusive and effective learning environment for all. World Goal 5.B, which strives to promote women’s rights and opportunities through the use of information and communication technologies. The World Goal 8.8, which focuses on the individual employee’s right to a healthy mental work environment.

Why can the app only be used on Android and iOS smartphones?

These are the operating systems Android and iOS we have focused on so far and they together cover the markets we want to access.

I can not download the app!

Write to our support at support@wavers.io and tell us what problems you encounter and feel free to supplement with screenshots.

The app does not work on my smartphone!

Write to our support at support@wavers.io and tell us what problems you encounter and feel free to supplement with screenshots.

I can not create a profile in the app!

Write to our support at support@wavers.io and tell us what problems you encounter and feel free to supplement with screenshots.

I do not receive any SMS code!

Unfortunately, this problem is out of our hands as this service is purchased through Google who provide the SMS to your telecommunications provider. You can try again after a few hours, or delete the app and install it again (you keep your profile).

We have no Moderator in the team, how do we get a Moderator?

You can only create a Moderator if you have purchased Wavers PRO. Contact support@wavers.io if you do not have a Moderator and want one.

How do we switch from the free edition to Wavers PRO?

If it’s an existing team you want to upgrade to Wavers PRO from Wavers, follow the instructions in the app where you can upgrade to Wavers PRO.
If you want to create a team from scratch in the Wavers PRO edition, you must do so from our website wavers.io

How do I access support?

You can always write to support@wavers.io and will receive a response within 2-3 working days. If you have Wavers PRO, you can contact our support center.